University Search event in Cardiff Stadium is a hit

In March 2023 UK University Search held one of their exhibition events at Cardiff City StadiumThis was an event organised by Sales Director, Martin BatleyBelow, Martin gives us some insight into this event.  

University Search event in Cardiff Stadium

Please give a brief overview of your company

We run higher education and apprenticeship events across the UK, and I am the Sales Director. 

What was your event, and the main objective/aim?  

Our event looked to highlight the opportunities available for school leavers. 

What were the stand out moments from your event? 

Getting good feedback from the teachers who brought students to our event.

What made you pick Cardiff City stadium as a venue? 

We were looking to run an event in the Welsh capital, and we preferred the facilities to other venues in the area. 

What are the lasting impressions you wanted to make on your delegates and what do you want delegates to take away from beyond the conference walls? 

We want those attending to feel as though they know much more about their options then when they arrived. 
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